One thing is for sure – the change

Former administration building of colliery Amalie at Helenenstraße 110 is deserted. All those Kruppians have moved away, the building site of Essen 51 comes closer. 2010 the wall at the access road to the company premises was painted on behalf of the company by a number of local artists with the slogan „Developing the Future“, which was the company motto at that time. Now that the residents are gone, the wall has been put to another pupose. Not to the detriment as I find. A part of the new design of that wall was made in a friendly battle between COCONUT & THE TOP NOTCH. Spraydaily has the video

Helenenstraße 110 – 01/2014 & 11/2020

Helenenstraße 110 – Developing the Future (01/2014) & BRICKS & DRIPS (11/2020)

Helenenstraße 110 – Developing the Future (01/2014) & TONEY (11/2020)

Helenenstraße 110 – Developing the Future (01/2014) & COCONUT x THE TOP NOTCH (11/2020)


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