Graffiti for a Beginner – Continuation

2014 was the year, my infection with the virus, called „Street Art“ broke out in full strength. My mania for this kind of art didn’t meet on much understanding in my environment, but I couldn’t stop running for more.

From 14.9. – 30.9.2012 the sound barriers of A40, the most frequented highway of the Ruhr Area, were designed by 21 local, national and international artists over a length of 3.5 kilometers. My first visit at Wächtlerstraße was 05/2014.

According to my researches it was only a question of time to find Hafendampf and the open air gallery at Stadthafen, where Hafendampf is domiciled. My first visit there was 07/2014, when the location was a building site and used as a huge storage for sand and other construction materials.

And as the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener, I began to explore the cities around and made a precision landing in Dortmund’s Hall of Fame in Wambel 07/2014.

Gelsenkirchen’s Hall of Fame at Nordsternpark was a discovery by accident 09/2014. I was looking for the park as a residue of former mine of Zeche Nordstern and found this wall.

10/2014 I came to Hall of Fame Unterführugstraße for the first time. Duisburg for a long time was not at my routes, even if I have a close relashionship to it, as the roots of a part of my family are in Meiderich,

2014 ended in Düsseldorf. Already on the way and from behind a train window, I have fallen in love. The tracks in and out are plastered with graffiti and there is to find much more when you look around.

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