Graffiti for a Beginner

I owe the idea for this post to FOOL, a member of CVA crew, who has posted a picture of a piece, designed in spring 2015 at HoF Auf der Donau, this morning. It brought me straight back to the time of my start into a hobby, I never had expected to fell in love with so fast and permanent.

In 2013 I came back to my old neighbourhood in Essen and began to stroll around. The house at Rellinghauser Str. 180 caught my eyes with its spectacular designed facade. I ran back home for my camera, and somehow on my way it must have happened, I got infected with this strange virus, called street art.

Incubation time was short and as my thirst to find out more was out of control, I searched www-egghead for information – and found our halls of fame. My first visit at Hall of Fame Auf der Donau was 06/2014 and brought me WURST – or so…

The mural „Grüne Lunge“ of Ben Mathis at Rellinghauser Str. 180 was the initial spark and HoF Auf der Donau the explosion. After that I was on tour for more. Here is my first picture at Hall of Fame Villa RÜ 06/2014. „Education Weather“ A1ONE, admitted, a bit pimped.

Hall of Fame Zollstraße came next. There I found tags of all, who are still players in the streets today. The number of high class pieces I found during my first visit 06/2014, makes it difficult to choose a favorite piece. My decision: A1ONE „The Choice“

Next was Hall of Fame Borbeck, which I have found by chance. My preferences for good food and beer regularly brought me to Dampfbier Brewery in Borbeck. Who would have expected one of our legal walls nearby!

08/2014 my first year with graffiti came to a provisional highlight. I came across Hall of Fame Frillendorfer Platz, which was crime scene of Hafendampf 2014 later in the year. The shown piece „Notorious“ was made by GFS.

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