44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „What If“ group show with BIRD KIBE MISOUS & TRAFIC

On my way to 44309 Street Art Gallery to see their newest group show „What If“, I suddenly understood that this was my first visit in Dortmund in 2020 – #fuckcorona! Soon it became clear to me, much had changed. But about that a bit later, the exhibition first, as it soon comes to an end. It is on show until 25. October.

I don’t know that much about the writer BIRD, who has roots in classical style writing, but has moved further away from that and has found his own unmistakable style. He is from Leipzig and lives and works in Dortmund.

Abstract paintings on various surfaces, that’s the information, his Instagram account delivers. I don’t know that much about KIBE, except that he is from NRW, probably from the area Dortmund. His pieces often appear next to BIRD, who often works side by side with him.

I don’t know that much about the painter MISOUS, except that he is from NRW, probably from the area Dortmund. As well as the other artists in this exhibition, he is able to mange huge walls. His murals actually are similar to his process in the studio when he paints canvases.

TRAFIC, artist with Portuguese roots, explores perspectives, 3d geometric and fluid forms that represent the harmony between humans and nature. He surprises with sculpturres and brilliant ceramic tiles. The surfaces are uneven and almost crystalline.

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