New concept wall in the backyard of Atelierhaus Schützenbahn

Werkstrand e.V., is an art and culture association which offers people a platform for social and artistic development. Their aim is to design and implement projects and to support and network artists and cultural workers. Quick and dirty: they get things moving. Their latest project concerned the redesign of the backyard of Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, Am Porscheplatz.

For this wall it was the first coating, as it was grey and unpainted before. The group of artists, consisting of MR.PILZ x SIR x BUSE x TUES x DASER x SICK, have left a concept wall with diverse characters. They must have known that the Marsupilami is not only shy and rare, but also a special friend of mine. Now I have one specimen in the neighbourhood, which will hopefully stay longer. Thank you all so much. It feels like a personal gift!


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  1. […] the reason, why you don’t meet it very often in the wild. A small population exists in Essen and around Düsseldorf and it seems that my Berlin friend has tracked them in a small habitat in […]


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