Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get

On some days you think it couldn’t get worse; a day off at least and someone has opened heaven’s floodgates and water comes down endlessly. We all know, rain is essential and absolutely necessary for nature, but why not by night? Yesterday – thank heaven – it cleared up in the late morning and so I took the chance to catch a cup of coffee in nice surroundings in one of our nice beer gardens. Getting off the train at Essen Werden, I was thrilled by the freshly pasted open air gallery there. That felt like an unexpected birthday gift out of turn. You never can be quite sure what comes.

Leo Leander Namislov aka EINSTRICH

Leo Leander Namislov aka Einstrich x Leonie Eick x Ursula Meyer

Ursula Meyer & Leonie Eick

0ae & unknown artist

More pictures -> click

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  1. […] and the hedgehog; whatever I do, my Berlin friend is just there. He has read my last post about my findings in Essen Werden and told me, that he knows the work of Leo-Leander Namislow under the streetname MOIN since he has […]


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