Supporting Structure Colour – Work in progress

Jan Eike Schoch is a constant factor in Essen’s graffiti and street art scene. He is deeply rooted in graffiti since 20 years, but his ambitions reach far beyond the borders of graffiti. He works to establish an awareness for art in public space in the Ruhr area and is well known for the organisation and management of a number of events, which have changed the face of the city permanently. Unforgotten his project Stadt-Mensch-Raum (2013) at Rheinischer Platz, or UFAM Ruhr (2016), which was an interdisciplinary art convention, debuting in five cities across the Ruhr Area. It focused on bringing urban artists and studio artists in interaction in public space.

His latest coup is the so-called project Stützwerk Farbe, which is partially sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City. The aim of the project is to design as much as possible of the grey concrete columns of Helbingbrücke, which is a bridge of highway A40 next to Essen’s main station.

The projeect was started with 4 columns, situated at the middle strip of Helbingstraße, with enough budgetary resources to design seven columns of the 20 in total. The 3 artists of art collective Signs and Wonders get started with a column each. Jan Schoch aka EIKE depicts a puppet player, or is it more a string-pulling manipulator? He plays with something or anything, presented in front of a futuristic urban setting.

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  1. […] Project „Stützwerk Farbe“, which has the ambitioned aim to design as much as possible of the grey concrete columns of Helbingbrücke, a bridge of highway A40 next to Essen’s main station, progresses. The first provisional review of the situation is: 4 columns finished by the artists of SAW, one more column primed and work in progress. […]

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