To err is human …

Names are important; they give meaning and identity. This also applies to the correct names of graffiti crews. They don’t make it easy to you to find out the crew name, as most of them use abbreviations. In addition they use to play with those abbreviations, according to mood and opportunity. Due to that, I feel insecure in terms of crew names most of the time and even when I make a decision for a crew name and use it, it’s absolutely possible, that I’m completely wrong and off the track. This morning I have found out a new meaning for one of my favoutite graffiti crews in my area and I have to admit: I’m still not sure, what the meaning of GFS is. May be, that GHETTOFUNKSUPREME is only one more „red herring“!

Hafendampf 2014; GFS „GHETTO FUNK SUPREME“


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