Easter Bunnies

Hares are Easter symbols par excellence. To say it with a contemporary catchword: in the Easter period bunnies are systemically relevant. Why hares became a symbolic animal for Easter? I have no idea! Until yesterday, when I was lucky to find some Easter Bunnies at HoF Auf der Donau, I unfortunately was unable to find others in my archive of pictures. Nevertheless I have taken a lot of pictures with hares. I show a selection of my best shots. Please add some coloured eggs in your imagination.

Oh yes – Happy Easter!

L.E.T. – LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES „All different, all the same“ (12/2016)

unknown artist (03/2018) & 1ZWO3 „Duracell“ (09/2015)

OBSKUR (04/2018) & MOC (07/2019) & HASE (02/2016)

LIMEY (03/2019) & SIGNS AND WONDERS (03/2019)

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  1. […] of the past few years showed, that I have thematized a number of Easter accessoires like eggs and hares. Even umbrella drinks for easter have beeen a theme and a proper and representative carriage. What […]

    Gefällt mir

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