Easter Eggs

It’s a challenge to find new ideas for posts in times of Corona. As I have decided to avoid public transport and do everything on foot, there is a lack of new pieces to be shown here. Let’s see – we have had a post about sculls, resipratory protection masks and face coverings, toiletpaper was a topic related to Corona too. But what about Easter? Chocolate, marzipan, hard-boiled or plastic, besides bunnies, eggs are systemically relevant in the Easter period. Eggs, in German EIER; concerning this I have a lot to show!

In my area there are a number of excellent players in the graffiti scene. To name one to be the best, that is almost impossible to do. In my personal ranking, the writers of EIER crew are in the very top ranks, for a variery of reasons. One of it is their creativity to play with the crew name. But to show flag against racism, that catapults them to the top.

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  1. […] blogposts of the past few years showed, that I have thematized a number of Easter accessoires like eggs and hares. Even umbrella drinks for easter have beeen a theme and a proper and representative […]


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