The purpose of a speciality store for city change is?

Confessed, store for city change is a quite bumpy translation for „Fachgeschäft für Stadtwandel„, This institution was opened in an abandoned shop at Gemarkenstraße 72 in Holsterhausen, in December 2018, to change the neighbourhood and the life of people on site with means of sustainability. Now, one year later, the initiative starts leaving conspicuous traces.

Who does not know them; power distributors and cable boxes of all kinds and purposes are a very common sight on German streets. They very often seem to be neglected and a public annoyance. The newest project of „Fachgeschäft für Stadtwandel“ is to redesign 17 of those boxes in Holsterhausen in this year. The design is based on the 17 goals of sustainable development. 5 of the 17 power distributors have already been completed.

Gemarkenplatz/Holsterhause Str.

Ursula Meyer

„Frieden und Gerechtigkeit“ – „Peace and Justice“



Florian Fuchs

„Sauberes Wasser“ – „Clean Water“



„Forest Stewardship Council“ hinterfragen – questioning FSC




„Hunger beenden“ – „End Hunger“


Rühle-/Holsterhauser Straße

Marc de Bruijne

„Zugang zu bezahlbarer, verlässlicher, nachhaltiger und moderner Energie für alle“

„Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all“


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2 Kommentare

  1. A superb idea that should be replicated everywhere. Free art for citizens covering up ugly utility boxes. We have no official scheme here in Bristol, but a few artists take it upon themselves to decorate these eyesores in any case. Nice post.


    1. 🎉Thnx❤️


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