One Thing is for sure – The Change

Villenweg, next to Steele Ost railway stop, was a spot I was looking for a long time, without having an idea, were it may be. New pictures popped up in www-egghead frequently, but I had absolutely no idea where this damned wall was situated. 2017 I have found it by chance – at last – and since then I visit that spot regularly, to keep an eye on the changes. Just in time for the change of the year, Pedestrian ramp at Villenweg was changed again by DEMON & THE TOP NOTCH with a little help of some friends.


03/2019 & 01/2020

DEMON 03/2019 & 01/2020

THE TOP NOTCH 03/2019 & 01/2020


More pictures -> click

3 Kommentare

  1. Wow some seriously great graffiti writing there and a great spot. Good post.

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    1. And that is not a legal wall at all!

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      1. All the better for it.

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