One Thing is for sure – The Change

The change is a constant factor in graffiti and street art and I often get into a struggle with it. Especially when beloved pieces disappear and are replaced. Normally its a win situation, but not this time; and that is not the fault of the artists, who have designed the 4 bus stops of line 146 between Wasserturm and Kray Mitte for Ruhrbahn. In order to avoid any misunderstanding: I like wall paintings, anything is better than grey. But must it be so uniform and boring? The new pieces are all part of a promotion campain of our public transport company; they have increased the schedule, the bus now runs every 5 minutes. The concept of the campain is green and for all the stations of that track segment very similar. The loss is a beloved piece of GIGO PROPAGANDA, designed for Wände Südost (2012). I think GIGO has set a high standard with it.

Oberschlesienstraße; GIGO PROPAGANDA (06/2014)

Oberschlesienstraße; LACKAFFEN; commissioned work for Ruhrbahn (12/2019)


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