Wright Festival Bochum – Three of Five

Three of five murals, produced by this years Wright Festival, are finished and show their faces to the public, now that the scaffoldings have been dismantled. This years murals are widely scattered over the city. Wiemelhausen, Ehrenfeld, Goldhamme, and the inner city.

At Alte Hattinger Straße 11, André Silva aka TRAFIC, Dortmund based street artist, with Portuguese roots and an unmistakable handwriting, has designed the facade next to the mural createad for Wtight Festival 2018.

Denis Klatt aka HIFI has designed a facade at Malteserstraße 45. A couple of flamingos in love, their long necks looped around each other to a heart. Don’t they realize that shark below, or are they distracted too much? And what about the key in that shark’s mouth? And the padlock; does the key belong to it? And how the hell did they lose the water? This mural raises questions and holds the viewer spellbound.

Goldhammer Straße 8 has got a new face by Timmi Hofmann. The wall is a statement to know your rights. Joe Strummer, frontman of legendary Punk-Rock band „The Clash“, is depicted at the wall.

This is a public service announcement
by mural
Know your rights

More pictures -> click

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