WAT UP Festival – Beware of the predators at Hochstraße

Now that the scaffoldings are dismantled from the buildings next to Alte Post at Hochstraße 35 and 39 – 41, pedestrians are doing well to cross to the other side of the street. Not only to get a better view, but to get in distance to the teeth of a number of sharks populating those walls.

I was right with my guess, it’s an Atlantic angel shark, also known as sand devil, depicted by Henning Marten Feil aka NORBERT3000 at Hochstraße 35. What the scaffolding covered, was that underwater cowboy, who has lassoed that shark, to be pulled through the blue waters of a cave.

At Hochstraße 39 – 41 pedestrians have to pass a swarm of circling hammerhead sharks, designed by Denis Klatt aka HIFIONE. Are they hunting? It’s better to distance yourself and keep an eye on them.

More pictures -> click

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