Well, it’s a good thing that I was not part of the jury, to choose the winner of that battle. My sympathies were not stable and switched back and forth all the time and my final decision would have been a bit different, as my sympathies came back all the time to INFAMOUS H TOWN, the piece, created to represent Herne, delivered by whoever. I can only guess, who is responsible for that piece and hope it will find a nice new home. All the pieces later in an auction are to be sold to the highest bidder for a good cause. Apart from that: PL’B forever!

The criteria by which the jury has made a decision were colour and effect, realisation and interplay, creativity and concept, as well as technique and execution. As an award a number of spray cans were promised. And the winner was – Cologne. „RISE OF THE FORBIDDEN ART or GRAFFZILLA vs. DR. BOOM“ has made it.

CVA crew, based in Essen, took the price for the second rank. This piece ensured the attention of the visitors. Only with the help of a template and at the correct position, the viewer was able to enjoy it in it’s black and white beauty.

There is no doubt about the passion of the crew based in Leipzig, who has taken the 3rd rank. If I’m not mistaken, there is RADIO written below that rail car. Leipzig’s crew revels in nostalgia with this historical rail car of former Reichsbahn and it seems that they respect history. They didn’t tag the vehicle!

Exhibition is on show til 30.11.2019; Finissage starts 4 pm. Please note that you have to contact to take part of the upcoming online auction.

More pictures -> click


I already assumed it! RADIO? Wrong – bloody wrong! But Leipzig and it’s graffiti scene is far away; the insiders may forgive me. The RADICALS I have never been exposed to. At least 4 of 5 letters were right – I’m getting better – somehow. But still wrong. Mea culpa!

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