Berlin in October – 6th day

Who thinks that prefabricated buildings are an invention of the former GDR, is wrong. It truly was an American architekt, who was responsible to build 1910 the first prefabricated building settlement „Forest Hills Gardens“ in Queens, New York. Those settlements are to be found in the former eastern part of Berlin as well as in former West Berlin. In former days highly popular due to modern and comfortable living conditions, today they are considered to be habitats in socially troubled areas. Who wonders that housing companies make a big effort to improve the image of those settlements.

8 new murals in Hellersdorf-Marzahn, designed during Berlin Mural Fest 2019, are counterbalanced by 8 murals designed at Art Park Tegel. The foundation „Berliner Leben“ of GEWOBAG, a real estate group and one of the larger rental companies in Berlin and their initiative URBAN NATION have changed the neighbourhood substantially, since 2016, when FINTAN MAGEE has designed the first monumental wall of 42 X 18 m with his mural „SUMMER OF PEACE“ at Neheimer Straße 2. The mural is based on the children’s book “ ‚A Childs Garden‘ by Michael Foreman.

In the triangle between Neheimer Straße and Bernauer Straße, in close proximity to Tegeler See and along the facades of 4 prefabricated buildings, Neheimer Straße 2 – 8, a number of 8 murals have been designed during the last years. In July 2019, with the last 2 murals „2268miles & Luchadora Pachamama“ designed by TANKPETROL & QUEENKONG and “real recognize real” by Nuno Viegas & HERAKUT, one of Berlin’s largest open air galleries was completed. The other murals were designed by Pixel Pancho, Hownosm, Collin van der Sluijs and Super A, The London Police and Borondo.

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