WAT UP Festival – work in progress

Two of five murals of 1st WAT UP Festival in Bochum Wattenscheid were still missing and as the rain paused in the late morning, I once more headed for Bochum, to get a glimpse of the work of REBELZER and BIRD x KIBE.

The FREAKS from the distant North seem to feel happy in our region. Only a year ago one had just moved in at Speicherstraße 100, in Dortmund. In the meantime, in Hamburg it seems no longer a secret that the Ruhr area is very liveable. We have sufficient space for a number of more incomers from Hamburg.

Bochumer Straße 44; REBELZER

Last but not least, at Bahnhofstraße 61 the new mural „MISOUS“ designed by BIRD & KIBE is located. What is meant with this title? It might be a tribute to the writer with this street name, but could be a mood as well. Due to the rainy weather, working process paused. Nobody has a desire to stand on a scaffolding in the pouring rain and spray a wet wall.


Sometimes the penny drops later; in this case very much later! There was something that bothered me the whole day: when MISOUS is the title of this mural, why is it not written enclosed in quotation marks??? There is only one possible answer: MISOUS is an active part of the team to design this wall. Now I got it! Confessed very late, I have to apologize.

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