WAT UP Festival – work in progress

Up to today I have visited 3 of the 5 new murals announced to be created for 1st WAT UP Festival. Working process progresses and is in different stages at Hochstraße, where 3 of the 5 new murals are located.

Mr. OREO and his friend DIC have finished their wall at Hochstraße 45. They were the first to start at 15.10. Only the scaffolding needs to be dismantled.

The next to start working process was HIFIONE at Hochstraße 39 – 41. A huge hammerhead shark dominates his wall and swims transparent green waters. A number of diefferent sea dwellers populate the balconies facing the street.

The wall at Hochstraße 35 was dedicated to Henning Marten Feil aka NORBERT3000. He is known for his affinity to maritime subjects and landscapes. It seems that his wall is dominated by a sand devil. When the scaffolding will be dismantled, I’ll see if I’m right.

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