Uecke lives and thrives

Like other European coal mining towns, Gelsenkirchen and especially Ückendorf and its 20.000 inhabitants are suffering from the decline in mining activity in the area as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continues to hold the majority of regions firmly in its grip. A few years ago Ückendorf was charcterized by vacancy, migration and sad atmosphere, but in a redeveloping project a lot of people are working hard for a comeback of the quarter. An Urban Regeneration Company was founded to give the neglected neighourhood a new life. The focus of the Creative Quarters lie on the principle of everyday culture.

For some time a fresh breeze blows through Ückendorf. Creative Quarter Ückendorf and the free art scene make a good job. Uecke has got a new mural at Bochumer Straße 158 and one more gallery has moved in at Bergmannstraße 9. Beni Veltum celebrated the Grand Opening of his brandnew gallery „Von Veltum“ on 1.11.2019.

Backyard Bergmannstraße 9; Beni Veltum?

At first sight this new mural at Bochumer Straße 158 shows an idyllic society of colourful, but strange animals with their own and individual characters. They are threatened from the right-hand edge of the wall by an exotic feathered shark, easy identifiable by its razor-sharp teeth. The society strikes back with joint forces. TOGETHER. And above all TOPS, probably one of the local graffiti top dogs.

Olli Rose x Jan Schoch aka TEAM FORCE & FIRE x COSY

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