Berlin in October – 4th day

I do not tend to complain – let alone about the weather. Thats the behaviour of a common tourist. A covered sky usually is good for taking pictures – but a covered and a rainy sky? What about the struggle with the drops on your lens? For that day I had planned to look for the new murals of 2nd Berlin Mural Fest. 8 of them are located in Marzahn and Hellersdorf and 3 in Kreuzberg. I thought it to be possible to visit Hellersdorf and Marzahn in one day, even if traffic of several urban train lines was interrupted during my Berlin trip and the replacement busses were not included in my plans. I do not tend to complain …

Locker boxes for workers, thats what the monomental architecture in those urban settlements are beeing entitled; more or less lovingly. 8 of 11 murals of 2nd Berlin Mural Fest, which took place from 26.08. – 10.09.2019, are located in prefabricated building settlements, in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Most of the walls were provided by Deutsche Wohnen, a real estate group and the largest rental company in Berlin, which is in criticism actually. Among local artists like 1UP crew, DIE DIXONS, AKUT and Oliver Latta aka EXTRAWEG, well known national and international artists took part.

Murtzahner Ring 31; OKUDA SAN MIGUEL
Ludwigsfelder Straße 14; VICTOR ASH

More pictures -> click

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