Berlin in October – 3rd day

The weather forecast for the 3rd of October, the German Unity Day, was subterrean. Wind and heavy rain, but in the morning it was drizzling only and so I took courage and set out for one more Hall of Fame, situated in Schöneberg, not far away from Bülowstraße and Urban Nation – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art. In case of upcoming heavy weather, a warm and dry spot with entertainment for free included.

Legal walls in Berlin are rare. There are a few public spaces where painting graffiti is tolerated or even allowed. Legacy BLN is a semi-private wall of the Legacy BLN shop at Yorckstraße 53. There the writers have to ask for an allowance to paint the 160m long wall, which is located next to the shop at Gleisdreieck Park.

Unfortunately the forecast was proven right. The rain started very soon and so I headed for Bülowstraße and UN – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art. On my way I stumbled across a new spectacular mural at Bülowstraße 101. As a part of the URBAN NATION Biennale 2019, Julien de Casabianca was invited to give this building, which has changed its appearance frequently during the last years, a new face.

Next surprise followed immediately; the museum was turned completely upside down since my last visit in February 2018. My actual personal highlight is an installation of Portuguese artist NUNO VIEGAS. At the end it all comes down to the graffiti scene.

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