1st WAT UP Festival

I thought this would be a quiet autumn day, sitting at the breakfast table this morning, making my plans for the upcoming week. I almost choked on myself, discovering a FB post about a new urban art festival in my region. I would like to draw your attention to WAT UP Festival, which will produce 5 new murals in Bochum Wattenscheid alongside a number of workshops, exhibitions and more. Please find more information here.

Mural 1: Julian Schimanski aka MR.OREO, Hochstraße 45 (starts 15.10.)
Mural 2: REBELZER, Bochumer Straße 44 (starts 17.10.)
Mural 3: Denis Klatt aka HIFIONE, Hochstraße 39 – 41( starts 20.10.)
Mural 4: KIBE x BIRD, Bahnhofstraße 61 (starts 22.10. )
Mural 5: Henning Marten Feil aka NORBERT 3000, Hochstraße 35 (starts 26.10.)

OREO „Greta Thunberg“ (Essen 09/2019)

REBELZER (Dortmund 04/2018)

Denis Klatt aka HIFIONE (Dortmund 10/2017)

KIBE x BIRD (Bochum 10/2017)

Henning Marten Feil aka NORBRT 3000 (Bochum 10/2017)

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