40° Urban Art Festival 2019 – 3rd day of the jump

For me this 3rd day of 40° Festival was a day filled with pure graffiti. A number of new writers came into play, who were able to spray at weekends only, as they had to work during the week.

Those people who know me, know, that I still have my problems reading styles. This time I had a lot of help; nobody could escape my questions. That is why I hope to have the right labels below my pictures. Apart from that, the usual suspects all were there. In particular the „Who-is-Who“ of the rhinish graffiti scene and far beyond those COPS, MSC, JPEG, PIGS, KSR and and and. And after all I got quite dizzy and went home exhausted, but with a great feeling.


There is something about graffiti, I have heard very often, again and again, from different people. The graffiti community is apolitical and an entertainment and fun society. My answer: ABSURD!


To show a common flag is a trademark of 40° Urban Art Festival. And it is possible – even by means of graffiti!

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