40° Urban Art Festival 2019 – 2nd day of the jump

This years 40° Festival is going to reach its peak today. With a big party, starting at 2pm with Killa Kalle and DJ NST at the turntables, and in the early evening until late night with a number of live acts at a stage which was lovingliy prepared by TOM71 and RADON.

TOM71 and friends

Work process is progressing all over. Over night BÄDBOY and friends have launched a historic railway freight wagon, which is placed at a pillar next to the memorial for the deported jews from the government district Düsseldorf at Marc Chagall Straße. This piece is shocking. It sets a sign of the significance of this spot not only for jewish people in this region.

The back side of this pillar, facing the festival center and the workshop area, sighs with a well known verse by Heinrich Heine:

Thinking of Germany at night
Just puts all thought of sleep to flight;
No longer I can close an eye,
Tears gather and I start to cry.

Various artists

Next corner BONA BERLIN shows that she is able to manage big walls. In her usual strong colours, she reclaims a colourful and diverse society.


To all of you who don’t have fixed plans for today I have a recommandation: The one and only goal for today should be Düsseldorf Derendorf, Jülicher Brücke. Fun is guaranteed for young and old.

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