Home Street Home – Krefeld

For the first time 4 cities of the Lower Rhine Region have joined, to host and organize a street art festival. Mönchengladbach Krefeld, Neuss and Geldern have launched „Home Street Home“. From 7.7.- 29.9.2019 they arrange an Urban Art Festival, which reflects the great varity and quality of urban art scene of this region. Each of those cities has its own tradition and offers projects linked with the cities since several years.

Projects supporting urban art have a long tradition in Krefeld. 2015 they started with „Wood Art Gallery at Hülser Bruch, followed 2017 by „Rhine Side Gallery“ in Uerdingen. This year’s „Downtown Gallery“ is located in an old bunker, a relict from the 1940ies and World War II. It was built for 78.000 inhabitants of Krefeld and is situated in close neighbourhood of main station.

Down Town Gallery „Ein Schutzraum für die Menschlichkeit“, Bunker Hansastraße

CARLOS ALBERTO „A future that breathes“ & IVANN GARC „Flexible battle“

BENER1 „The young boys are coming“ x MARYA KUDASHEVA „Shelter in my head

ADRY DEL ROCIO „Ein Haus zum Träumen“ x RUBEN PONCIA „Reflex“

More pictures -> click

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