Düsseldorf Werhahn S – They all have been there

Whenever I pass Düsseldorf Werhrhn S by train, or cross the bridge at Grafenberger Allee above the station, I think about how to get there, to this forbidden spot below, which is a space off area and unreachable, except for the graffiti writers, who have taken the area – forbidden or not – for their own purposes. A small number of the paintings left there are to be seen as a passerby, but the majority is invisible. When I heared that this spot will be designed and then opend for a two days exhibition, it was a must go for me. And as it turned out, a must go for the street art scene of the whole region. With the help of a whole bunch of friends, Düsseldorf based street artist M05K has designed the supporting arches of the railway track between Grafenberger Allee and Gerresheimer Straße. The exhibition „WE ARE HERE“ was to see from 23rd – 24th of August.

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