Hafendampf 2019 – 2nd day of the jump

Hafendampf 2019 is over again. And as every year on my way home, sittting in the rumbling bus, I reviewed what happened on this weekend. And as ever, I asked myself how the organizers of Hafendampf will be able to top this year’s efforts. That will be hard; and by the way, that are my emotions each time when I’m on my way home, after Hafendampf has come to an end. It escapes me how they are able to top themselves each time.
243A lot of weird people came together for the weekend, worked together and had fun. Smiling all the time, like people smile when they are allowed to do what they love. How weird they were soon becomes clear, looking at the huge rear shutoff wall. The joined forces of 6 graffiti writers, DXTR THE WEIRD, HRVB THE WEIRD, SEMOR THE MAD ONE, DEMON, THE TOP NOTCH and ROOKIE THE WEIRD, have designed that wall to a concept wall, weird as weird can be. The meaning of that quickly becomes Hafendampf 2019; HRVBclear, watching DXTR, composing small squares in various colours together for hours. Precisely, painstakingly and with infinite patience. It is not for nothing, that he is called „pixelmaster“. The charcters of HRVB are colourful and – well, distracting. Combined with the styles of SEMOR, DEMON and THE TOP NOTCH and one of ROOKIE’s distinctive characters, a wall has been created to take you away. It will be painful to loose it, when next year’s Hafendampf will demand to overpaint it.
Appetite for more? Series of pictures follows soon.

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