Sold Out Gallery shows „ENOC801 – 0.1 Intro“

I would like to draw your attention to the solo show “ ENOC801 – 0.1 INTRO“. It is on show since Friday 19.7.2019 at Sold Out Galley, Königsallee 16, 44789 Bochum.

I can’t help myself, I like to know what people around are talking of. I hate to be stupid and to be unable to read, what is written. I always have problems with the styles in graffiti pieces, but I learn and try my very best to get better. But what ENOC801 works with is calligraffiti – and I have no chance, not even with exercises. Nevertheless, there are letters and words, those pieces generate suspense. Is this a kind of secret language? And what is the message behind? The visual effect of those pictures cause curiosity and keeps tension. You must not read them – feel them.
More pictures of Bochum -> click



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