Again and again – Adler 59

From the beginning of my streetart hobby in the year 2013 up to today, Dortmund was and still is on my list of cities to visit regularly. Not only because it is well connected with Essen by urban traffic. In Dortmund graffiti has got the initial ignition for the Ruhr area and even today music plays there. To name a favorite spot is easy, even if it took a bit of time to find it. I often have told about and I’m sure this isn’t the last time to report about. As you may have guessed – it’s Adler59 I’m talking of. It’s a playground of artists all around. I show a number of pictures I have shot during my walk last monday.

Adler59; BIRD et al.

David Radon BIRD and others



More pictures of Adler59 -> click

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