One Thing is for sure – The Change

In April 2015 I dared to explore the northern part of Dortmund for the first time and I have fallen in love almost immediately. This part of Dortmund is notorious for dealers and its nazi scene; pretty much everyone warned me to avoid this part of the town. And YES, one is well advised, to pay attention to what one focuses on his camera. You always have to be aware of beeing observed there. People living there, are attentive to what is happening in their environment. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable there.

My very first visit brought me to Schleswiger Straße and from afar an unusual colour caught my attention. On closer inspection the colours depended to a designed facade of Zafer Market at Schleswiger Straße 19. Unfortunately I was too late. The facade, designed with some photo-realistic portraits of high quality, had been extremely tagged with WCMCMB and, into the bargain, in chrome. I felt sad for the beautiful wall and for the artist, who had designed this piece, which I supposed to be a comissioned work for the owner of the supermarket.

Schleswiger Straße 19

For many years, I avoided that spot. I don’t like silver pieces and hate tags in chrome. And I know, that WCMC can do much better, much superior! So it was relieving to hear, that MTW, graffiti agency based in Dortmund, has got a contract to design that facade. To have a look, I headed for Schleswiger Straße 19, to pay Zafer Market a visit. I came, I saw and – WOW- VERY MUCH BETTER!

Schleswiger Straße 19; MTW MORE THAN WORDS

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