COKY’s Urban Kitties


Coky is a graffiti artist based in Düsseldorf and even if my visits in Düsseldorf are not very rare, to find a new piece of him or of his DAC crew, is a highlight each time. So it was last Wednesday, when I visited Kiefernstraße, where the sound isolation wall just got a new coat of paint. COKY was there to paint one more cat. This time it wasn’t a kitty.

40° Urban Art Festival 2015; Atelierhaus 3. OG; COKY (DAC CREW) et al.

My first encounter with him was at 40° Urban Art Festival 2015. His psychedelic cats rocked the festival and nearly brought me out of my mind. Like a Cerberus one of his cats watched the entrance to his room, which was divided in the middle. One half was designed in the eye-popping colours of the cats, until the mad! Inside you felt tranquilized, but turning round, you found the same patterns in deep black and white and came down immediately.
014Next time I met a piece of this artist, was at 40° Urban Art Festival 2017. The first thing I saw alighting the tram at the festival site in Düsseldorf Holthausen, was one of his funky cats staring with big yellow eyes at me. I was thrilled – the kitties were back! Unmistakably in colours and with their hypnotizing eyes. Again one of my highlights of that festival.
In December 2017, Düsseldorf had got a new mural 009.JPGat Bonner Straße 88. It was realized subsequent to 40° Urban Art Festival 2017 by COKY, who is a founding member of Düsseldorf based DAC Crew. For this big wall he had selected the second big cat of prey in the world, a true lion king. What remained are the psychedelic colours. This lion sits enthroned above the noisy traffic and rules Bonner Straße.
The next big predator cat, a tiger, and for me the 017.JPGtemporary peak in the development of his cats, I have found last Wednesday, when I was at Kiefernstraße, to have a look at the work for a new design of the acoustic barrier. WOW – what comes next? One thing is for sure: COKY certainly isn’t a cat hater like ELBOCHO’s Little Lucy.



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