Take a Butcher’s Gallery shows „CAPITAL – BANKNOTES ONLY“

Money makes the world go around and that’s what this spectacular exhibition shows in all artworks exibited. Defacing the banknotes with a variety of techniques from freehand, stencil, acrylic, spraypaint, marker pen to collage, leads to a new meaning and nominal worth becomes a side-note.

Hoffeldstraße 42; Take A Butcher's Gallery; Group sow "DAS KAPITAL" M-ONEI’m quite sure, the newest idea of the people behind Take A Butcher’s Gallery in Düsseldorf Flingern for an exhibition, challenged the participating artists, who were asked to use banknotes only as their main medium, to the limit. But all of them, more than 30 artists from 10 different countries, braved it and helped to fill the gallery with dozens of banknotes from near and far. Religion, poverty, slavery, environment and climate. A wide range of topics and a lot of different approaches. For me the centre of Hoffeldstraße 42; Take A Butcher's Gallery; Group sow "DAS KAPITAL" ADULTREMIXall those pieces is Jesus, the ultimate „ANTI CAPITALIST“. KILLER has wrapped the cross for his crucified Jesus with US Dollars. M-ONE shows a mendicant child. From current banknotes to old Reichsmark notes and various foreign currencies, above all the US Dollar, which is the very symbol representimg money and capital. RMYR.STENCILS, street artist based in Leipzig, puts it in a nutshell: „C.R.E.A.M – Cash rules everything around me“


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