Notes from a Berlin friend

In these days my Berlin friend is close to dispair. The hot temperatures make it difficult to break free from the shady garden, but in Berlin things are on the move; no good times to stay in the shadows!

A few months ago, my Berlin friend has sent the first pictures of pieces of a new graffiti crew, or a new project, which is exceptional in style. To name the artist/s, when I got the first pictures, was impossible, because the pieces were unsigned and so it was „Unknown Artist“. Now my friend has found a piece which was signed with „HOW TO KILL A GRAFFITI“. I‘ m not educated in art history, so I might be wrong, but for me the similarities are obvious. And so I hazard a guess, go out on a limb and state that the pieces shown below are all made by the same people. Please give me a note when there is someone out there who knows more, or when my suggestion is wrong.
12/2018 Friedrichshain
05/2019 Friedrichshain
06/2019 Friedrichshain
And yes – there is an Instagram account with a few pieces. I hope they will produce more.

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