Kulturzentrum Herne shows „Blaues Licht“

Berlin art collective ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS, currently beeing presented at Alter Wartesaal Herne with their solo show Fri / Vol.2, go for cinema with „Blaues Licht“. The movie will be presented in a number of selected small German art house cinemas.
007a.JPGBerlin art collective ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS has made a name for itself in recent years through intelligent and subversive art actions in public space, pointing out social ills. Legendary their hidden room in a tunnel of the Berlin Undergrund. Their latest clou was a pyramid of  AFD election posters taken freshly from the streets, to build their newest installation for their solo show in Herne. As a side effect, somewhere in Germany, probably in Berlin, AFD has a gap of 40 election posters. Or is this the main effect? This installation currently is presented  in the frame of  their solo show Fri / Vol.2 at Alter Wartesaal Herne.

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FlyerBlauesLicht_0001I would like to draw your attention to the movie „Blaues Licht“, which will be shown next Tuesday, 19.5.2019, 7pm at Kulturzentrum Herne. The movie, whichs seems to be a documentary film about the berlin sprayer scene, turns out to be a mockumentary, a confusion about fake and reality.

[1] Martin Gegenheimer talks with Gesa Ufer aout the making-of-story

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