If it were able to tell stories, the historic waiting room at Herne station might have to tell a lot of tales. Last night ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS have occupied the old waiting hall with a number of their installations and one more epic and memorable story was added to its annals. The installations created by the Berlin street art collective primarily are made for interventions in the streets, but there they are very shortlived and they hardly survive a single hour. To see them under the umbrella of an exhibition may not be comparable with the pure expierience to capture them „in the wild“, but you get the chance and time enough, to see them if any!

008To take pictures of installations is a nightmare. You cannot shoot the surrounding atmosphere, the reactions and laughter of the audience, not the surrounding noises from the background video clips. What remains is an impression, what might happen in public space, when the passer-by stumbles across one of those installations in public space unexpectedly.
The Berlin police patrol car with the registration 011plate „B KA 1312“ seems to have sighed out its soul just in the centre of the hall, after a meet and greet with a metal crusher. This plate has a special taste: BKA is the German abbreviation for Federal Criminal Police Office. The abbreviation 1312 probably must not be explained further. In the universe of graffiti eveyone knows! In its vicinity you better do not use open fire; petrol fumes are in the air and it smells like beeing in a garage with old tires and oil.
022.JPGRIPMARK is an installation which draws the attention to the disastrous situation in textile and fashion manufacturing industry. ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS have erected a symbolic graveyard with gravestones made of paper bags, turned upside down. Similarities of the paper bags, with those of a well known low budget fashion chain are wanted and intentionally.

The exhibition is on show until 8.6.2019

Please note their opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 4 – 8pm and Sunday 2 – 6pm

You’ll find more information about the impressive work of this artist collective here.

More pictures -> click

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