5 days of Berlin – 2nd day

From my point of view, Schöneberg is a must go whenever I am in Berlin. Schöneberg is diverse and colourful and offers a wide range of possibilities. This neighbourhood has produced well known actors and artists like Marlene Dietrich, The Comedian Harmonists and Helmut Newton and JFK’s world-famous „Ich bin ein Berliner“ was spoken at Rathaus Schönerberg. Not least of Urban Nation and the Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, which ensure for years, that the neighbourhood is packed with murals, stencils, paste ups and more. I’m always eager to visit Schöneberg; there is always something new and so I planned to have a look at the new exhibition at the museum.

177.JPGBut first I popped in a new gallery, my Berlin friend had drawn my attention to. The people behind this gallery, which was opened in April at Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, are known as „Street Art Berlin“. The gallery represents a number of artists of great renown like EL BOCHO, ROBI THE DOG, CHRISTIAN ROTHENHAGEN/deerBLN, VIDAM, RON MILLER and and and. A spectacular start into my second day of Berlin. A bit breathless I reached Bülowstraße and after a first look around I spotted an artist Bülowstraße; FINDAC work in progressstanding on a ladder, working on a piece with a speacial handwriting. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to stumble across FINDAC and get the chance to observe one of his nonconformist asian women grow. FINDAC was born in Ireland and is based in England. As most of his urban art colleagues, he is a global player and actively working throughout the world. His work, which is largely stencil-based, explores female empowerment and illustrates female beauty. He is inspired by asian traditions, 347.JPGsuch as kabuki and ceremonial dressing, in which women in East Asia engage. I was totally flashed and in view of the late hour I decided spontaneously to postpone my visit of the museum and better take a walk outside with fresh air. But – as ever – I didn’t get far and was stopped by graffiti at the next corner at Bülowbogen. This put a brake on my planned activities for the rest of the day. My findings were very pleasing. This already perfect day was topped off by the finding of a number of 381.JPGspectacular, large-sized paste-ups made by EMESS. They must have been glued just recently, as the colours were bright and the glue seemed to be not dried yet.


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