5 days of Berlin – 1st day

You certainly have noticed it long ago, my main interest is graffiti and street art, but this doesn’t mean, that I don’t have other interests on the side. The trigger for my visit of Berlin this time was Tristan. No – Tristan isn’t the name of my Berlin friend, who delivers me with news from the province frequently. It’s the nick name of one of the best preserved examples of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world. The approximately 66-million-year-old, about 12-meter-long skeleton was found in 2012 in Montana in the USA and is temporarily exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin.

HoF Mauerpark; TRB KISKEYA EME et al.

HoF Mauerpark; KISKEYASo the Museum of Natural History and Tristan was a fixed date on my schedule, but there were a lot of other items on my agenda. For the first day’s afternoon I had planned a visit at Mauerpark, where one of Berlin’s Halls of Fame is situated next to Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. The property between the districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg was a drill ground in the 19th century, later a head and goods station for the northern railway and was made a death strip of the former GDR border HoF Mauerpark; EMEfortifications after the division of Germany. After reunification the former death strip became a public park. A 300 metres long strip of the Berlin Wall still stands upright at the eastern edge of Mauerpark.  Those grey concrete walls are now covered with countless works of graffiti. This HoF is often frequented by visitors from abroad as well as by local sprayers and produce pieces of beginners as well as pieces of high quality. I was very lucky to find new works of EME FREETHINKER  „THE 105.JPGCARIBBEAN VANDAL“ and KISKEYA, an artist unknown to me. Looking for a nice cup of tea or coffee I walked across Eberswalder Straße and Danziger Straße to Kollwitz Kiez, which is a very good option to take a break. On my way I met Phatty, my Berlin guide and best and reliable guard dog ever. It jumped on me from the wall at Danziger Straße 50, again wearing a fine, dark suit, to take me out for dinner. On our way we met a number of street art celebrities as ROBI THE DOG, Kollwitzstraße 97; ROBI THE DOGKAM LAURENE and and and …


More pictures -> Mauerpark

More pictures -> Kollwitz Kiez

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