Alter Wartesaal im Bahnhof Herne shows FRI / VOL.2 – solo show „ROCCO UND SEINE BRÜDER“

Do you know ROCCO? And what about his brothers? No? Never mind, you’re in best company. Nobody knows them personally, except a small number of carefully selected people. Born in the 1980ies, Rocco and his brothers are a fixed value in the graffiti scene of Berlin. In January 2016, the collective „ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERES“ was founded to create large installations in public space. Their first project, a hidden bed room in the bowels of the Berlin Underground, was discoverd during a routine check of an underground tunnel of the line U9 by public transport staff. It had a fully furnished bedroom with running television, switched on lamps, a neatly made bed and two well-tended houseplants. This action struck like a bomb and exclaimed a great medial echo. The Berlin public speculated extensively about the creators and their motives. Housing shortage and gentrification were frequently associated, also refugee issues and even similarities with bunker units. [1]

I would like to draw your attention to the solo show FRI / VOL.2 of ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS, presented in Herne’s Alter Wartesaal, Bahnhofsplatz 1, from 12.5. – 8.6.2019

Vernissage: Sunday    12.05.2019 – 4 pm
Finissage   : Saturday 08.06.2019 – 6 pm

Don’t miss it – that’s guaranteed to be big!

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