Notes from a Berlin friend

One of the steady routines of my Berlin friend is to observe the changes at Dircksenstraße, which has developed to a race between the rabbit and the hedgehog recently. A cheeky thief – or thiefs? – has/have stolen again the head of the collaboration piece of PLANETSELFIE x STICKERMAIDBERLIN x SOSCHÖN. My friend is pretty well pissed off and I can imagine that STICKERMAIDBERLIN is not amused. But she still is patient and has gifted a new head, which is the third one, as far as I know – since January, when my friend has taken the first pictures of it
The next step down Dircksenstraße is Rosenthaler Straße with Haus Schwarzenberg, where DR.MORPH has left his last gift for Berlin before leaving for Amsterdam. A joker has added a rope round the neck of „ARMLESS ZORRO KID“.

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