Who has stolen the coconut?

I love apes! In a ranking of my favorite animal, apes will be in the top 10. Since my days of childhood I like Rudyard Kipling’s „The Jungle Book“, but the American animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney, I love the most. The characters Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo the bear and all others got a face and a voice, but the chatacter I loved the most was King Loui, the king of the swingers and jungle VIP, who wanted to be a man. Apes are our closest relatives and as such they are a perfect surface for artists, to transport whatever they want to the willing observer.

Recently KEDO, member of 134crew, has left a number of apes at our halls of fame, and when I got the message, that there is a new one to be found at Villa RÜ, I wondered how many monkeys I have already seen since 2013, when I started to take pictures of street art. This latest ape was the trigger for this post.
A number of artists have chosen monkeys to be their trademark, like the MAJO BROTHERS, whose subversive yellow monkeys often appear as a pack of unpredictable, subversive elements to provoke the official representatives of the system to the outmost. Those apes are doing everything our parents always have warned of!
In this context you have to mention Klaus Klinger. His ape is a trademark but even more an alter ego. It is a quiet, contemplative and reflective one, which is constantly troubled by sorrowful thoughts and  asks „Was tun?“ It puts its head in the hands, as if it has serious doubts of the sanity of his contemporaries.
And then there are still all those countless, nameless monkeys, I have taken. Please find them in my short slideshow monkey business.

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