Hotel Lindner City Plaza hosts „Aérosol de cologne“

First of all: This is not a sponsored article, even if this might be hard to believe. But my enthusiasm is genuine and incidentally cannot be purchased.

Lindner Hotel City Plaza ; Level 1: Heiliges Köln; SEI LEISECologne is proud of its more than 80 neighbourhoods, which are called „Veedel“ in colonian dialect. They all are unique and have their own identity and character. A very popular neighbourhood is the so-called Belgian Quarter, a hot spot for artists and creatives from a wide range of fields. When you are on the hunt for street art, this Veedel is a top address. Who wonders, that Hotel Lindner City Plaza, which is situated at the edge of this neighbourhood, has engaged one of the Lindner Hotel City Plaza ; Level 3: ZOO Cologne; SEI LEISEshooting stars of the Colonian street art scene, Tim Ossege aka SEI LEISE, to design the house in his very special style. The hotel has been renovated in 2018 and the artist invested a lot of time  to decorate the floors at all levels in his distinctive style. The most important foundation on which everything rests in Cologne, is the church and so a number of illustrious figures as a bishop, who seems to have doubts, a pious procession and – with a twinkle in the eyes – a fan of a local soccer team, sunken in a prayer Lindner Hotel City Plaza; Level 6; Karneval; SEI LEISEfor the success of his club. One level pays homage to chocolate and another is populated by a society of zoo animals, like an elephant, rhinozeros, a penguin and a number of flamingos. 4711 Eau de Cologne is celebrated at the next floor  and at the top level, above all, riesides the Colonian Triumvirate, Prince Carnival and his followers „Peasant“ and „Virgin“.
Level 4, which addresses Urban Cologne, hosts up 162.JPGto 15.6.2019 the exhibition „Aérosol de cologne“. 3 protagonists of Colonian street art scene, STRASSENMAID, ADULTREMIX and SEILEISE present their works. Since the age of 15 years, STRASSENMAID loves and lives street art and since 2016 she is present on the streets of her adopted hometown, Cologne, with pieces of a friendly and light-hearted way, staged in a positive and encouraging way. ADULTREMIX, a Cologne based street artist, has escaped my notice up to now. He 163.JPGdeals with social and political issues and flirts with the established values and concepts of our modern society. His style reminds of classical Pop-Art and his pieces have a high recognition value. Tim Ossege aka SEI LEISE works in his usual way with esprit and subtile irony. I like his little girl, who waters a fleash-eating plant which turns out to be radioactive. Most recently his interests have focused on the extremely vexed subject of Brexit. Here too his little boys and girls deliver a perfect 129.JPGprojection surface for the issue.
For street art lovers this hotel is a hot favourite. Who isn’t fed up with a day exploring street art hunters paradise Belgian Quarter, will end the day with a night surrounded by street art at all levels.  You might have a short, but exciting night there.

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