Alibi Essen shows „Zentralkommitee Straßenkunst“


Alibi Essen; Zentralkommitee für Straßenkunst; ANXT Ursula Meyer et al.The Central Committee of street art in Essen and Northrhine Westfalia came together on Saturday for consultations, party and a multi-day exhibition at Alibi Essen, Holzstraße 12. All the delegates arriving via Rheinischer Platz were received by BONA BERLIN, LUNA, MSBUBBLES and MR.PILZ at the old tunnel of former Rheinische Bahn at Altenessener Straße. The pieces on show were well received by the visitors and very soon the event get going with live painting by 0ae and music. Yesterday Alibi Essen; Zentralkommitee für Straßenkunst; OLDHAUSwas Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund; but YES! – Essen is hard on their heels; Essen is growing! The Central Committee of street art has decided to further promote the advances in street art in our region and make regular exhibitions and meetings a duty of all supporters of the scene.
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  1. […] clone myself. However, I had to make a decision what to do on Saturday and started in Essen with Zentralkommitee Straßenkunst and ended in Dortmund with Speicher Pop Up Show. Both cities are well connected by public transport […]

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