Am Freistein – Who knicked the scaffolding?

Every time the same in April – things move quickly and mostly there is more than one event on the same day, at the same time and I have trouble to avoid falling further berhind. So it did escape me that in night and fog the scaffolding at the facade of the house at Beisingstrße 47, next to tram stop „Am Freistein“, was dismantled. I was surprised, but it seems that the artists, Olli Rose & Jan Schoch aka TEAM FORCE & FIRE were surprised too. However – The results of their work are clear for all to see, and now this facade with its distinctive appearance is an eye catcher and marks the outer border of creative quarter north and Eltingviertel. For everyone who will pop in next Saturday at Alibi Essen, Holzstraße 12, to have a look at the exhibition Zentralkommittee Straßenkunst, this mural is only a few steps away.



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