Notes from a Berlin friend

Actually in Berlin an icon, which has determined the historic townscape since 1865, when Ernst Litfaß had the idea of a cylindric advertising column and invented his „Litfaßsäule“, is due to fade away. Following a tender procedure, a new company now plans to place a newer type of column and 2500 of old advertising pillars, partially contaminated with asbestos, are due to be dismantled until the end of June and disposed as hazardous waste. But previously those pillars stand there, free of any advertisement and wallpapered with uniform coloured tapestry, awaiting the things to come. Then the artists came into play. SALZIG Berlin – The Gallery and Shop for Streetart in Berlin Friedrichshain, rounded up a number of friends and build the best lineup of players to take care for those sad and lonely columns in Friedrichshain around Boxhagener Straße. Yesterday my Berlin friend went to search and after 5 pleasurable hours he has counted and photographed 12 pillars. Please find below one of them – the others you have to look for yourself. But hurry up, the end is near!
Litfaßsäule at Simon Dach Straße / Boxhagener Straße

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  1. […] were on their way. My way up Boxhagener Straße was stopped several times by those designed Litfaßsäulen, my Berlin friend had already reported of, some time ago. I was lucky to find a number of the old […]


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