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Street artists are a secretive gang – necessarily – they always are in a footrace with the authorities and so it’s not easy to get information about the location of pieces. A problem for me, as there are areas in my city I haven’t been ever, I don’t know or haven’t heared of. From time to time pictures pop up in www-egghead and it deeply annoys me, not to know, where I have to go, to make a pictuere of my own.
002.JPGWith the help of a friend I got the information where a new piece of QUMI could be found and as he is one of the artists whose paintings have accompanied me since my beginnings with graffiti and street art in 2013, I was very interested to get a glimpse. And so, yesteday I headed for Essen Steele to pay Hüweg a flying visit. And I was astonished and amazed to find a wall, I had spent a long time looking for and never would have had the chance to find without help! Hüweg is a centre for Hüweg; Moni van Rheinbergchild and youth welfare and as graffiti is an important topic, specifically for young people, Hüweg is a hot spot for graffiti. They give place for a number of pieces, legal and wanted and illegal as well. But my greatest pleasure alongside those pieces was the discovery of a very old mural of Moni van Rheinberg at the facade of the building. Moni van Rheinberg passed away 2006 and so this mural is at least 13 years of age or older. I couldn’t find a date or a signature, but I guess that this mural is one of Essen’s oldest wall paintings and absolutely worth beeing listed.
This morning had become an outstanding success. And I was now ready for the next event, which started 5 pm in Bochum. At Badalona Bar, Brüderstraße 2, GIGO PROPAGANDA opened his 032.JPGnewest exhibition „FRÜHLING!“. With food and drinks of the Spanish kind and music at the blue hour with guitar, double bass and vocals and at a later hour from the turntables of a DJ, the talks got going. A number of childen at all ages provided an atmosphere like being at a family party. What a nice evening and a vernissage of a very special kind.
More pictures -> morning / evening



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