Pretty Portal shows – ARDIF solo show „MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE“

How do you measure the success of an exhibition? I would say that this question is easy to answer. The proportion of exhibited works and red dots, showing that the work is sold, tells enough. According to this, the newest exhibition opened at Pretty Portal on 22nd March, is the most successful exhibition ever. Düsseldorf loves ARDIF and his distinctive style and the majority of his works were marked with the red dot over night.
117.JPGFrench artist ARDIF is well known for the juxtaposition of machine and nature. He calls his characters mechanimals and splits them into two parts, one half repesenting a naturalistic view on a creature and the other half showing a transformation to a strange and curious machinery with nested architecture. Up to now he primarily had transformed animals to mechanical beings. For his newest exhibition, plants have found their way to his works. Those plants look like they are out of Pretty Portal shows - ARDIF solo show "MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE"a medieval folio with some variations on closer inspection. In combination, flora and fauna lead to a gallery habitat populated with a complex society of amphibians, insects and predators in a surrounding with flowers, herbs and officinal plants.


Exhibition is on show up to 26. April 2019. Don’t miss it!

More pictures -> click

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  1. […] Germany: new mural by French artist Ardif at Pretty Portal for his solo show “MACHINaturE vs MachiNATURE” (until 26th of April […]


    1. What looks like a mural, is a (very big) Paste-Up!


  2. Really beautiful.

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