HoF Duisburg – Alte Kaserne – One remark on my own behalf

Not long ago I have posted a text about Duisburg’s halls of fame. Hereafter, I was contacted by a reader, who asked me to remove the position of this hall from my website. The statement was, that this hall definitely is illegal, but the local residents tolerate the local artists to spray there.
My information that this is a legal wall originates from a local sprayer whom I know and trust. I have a problem now. It’s a problem of trust. I do not know the person who has contacted me and in the time of internet, social media and email, where it’s not a problem to mask an identity behind an alias name, everyone may write whatever he/she wants. To check the truth content of a person, homepage or even a statement, is very difficult, if not impossible. The truth is, I do not know the person who wrote that the hall at Alte Kaserne is illegal. I tried to find out something in the press, but there was nothing to be found. So my decision is not to follow the demand of taking the information about HoF Alte Kaserne away. I think it’s my duty to draw your attention to this and please note:

My information about this hall is not verified by an official source. You might get in some kind of trouble there. Maybe by the cops, but more likely by the local top dogs.

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