Notes from a Berlin friend

Urban Art Hall at Alte Post Spandau steps into the next season, which will be the very last one. The project, meant to support urban art and its artists in their wide spectrum, was conceived as temporary from the very beginning. Now the time has come to move on; Alte Post has to give way for who knows what. For a farewell in dignity, Urban Art Hall opens it’s doors from 2.3. – 9.3.2019 for art and party, with live paintings, music and a group exhibition.

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  1. Look like something worth checking out

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hurry Up! There is not much time left. AS far as I know, they close in May!

      Gefällt mir

      1. Might try to go this Friday. Did you go on one of the tours?

        Gefällt mir

      2. Unfortunately Essen is 500km away from Berlin, but enjoy and have fun. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

        Gefällt mir

      3. I’m confused!

        Gefällt mir

      4. Okay – and what exactly is the problem?

        Gefällt mir

      5. This art hall is in Spandau? Or Essen?

        Gefällt mir

      6. OK – now I understand. Urban Art Hall is situated in Berlin Spandau and I’m based in Essen.
        Under the headline „Notes from a Berlin friend“ I post more or less frequently the pictures of a Berlin based friend. He has no real wish to create a blog, or to have his own homepage, but wants to share his pictures. We have agreed to show his pictures in the context of this blog, as he wants to preserve his anonymity.

        Gefällt mir

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