Happy Birthday Gert Neuhaus

Berlin looks back to a history of more than 40 years of mural painting and has captured one of the top positions of European street art cities. As one of the men of the first hour and the grandfather of Berlin mural painters, Gert Neuhaus is an important participant in the design of post-war Berlin. He was born on 21.2.1939 in Berlin and he’ll be 80 years old today.
PC170004Zillestr.JPGWhat after all hasn’t this man not done yet? His life so far wasn’t poor of highlights. His vita, shown at his homepage, talks about the stations of his life and career, but don’t give a glimpse to his fascinating life. Born 1939 in Berlin, he has spent the majority of his life there, even the years when Berlin was called „city on the frontline“ during the leaden time of GDR and the cold war. 1956 he studied graphics at HdK Berlin and got to know Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, who was one of the founders of the artist group „Die Brücke“. There were intermediate stations in Esslingen and Stuttgart and as gallery owner in Berlin. His gallery, specialized on naive art of painting, was situated at Niebuhrstraße. Then the big walls and facades found him and took him away. Up to today he has gifted Berlin more than 50 big iconic murals. An ocean liner steaming off a fin-de-siècle facade, a waterfall at a frequented and busy road, the ztipper at a fire wall of rough bricks, uncovering a wonderful stucco-facade. Gert Neuhaus IMG_1278b.jpghas designed a lot of stunning walls with pictures of pseudo-architecture all over Berlin. Those huge walls are not easy to manage; they have their own laws due to the weather and absorbency of the surface. His trompe-l’oeil-paintings are designed on request only and mostly with the assistance of his son. I hope he has a wonderful eightieth birthday and the power for a lot of more murals.

Happy Birthday Mr. Neuhaus!Gert Neuhaus; Sundgauer Straße

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